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About Us


Welcome to the World's Most Exciting Knot Website. Our goal it is to provide you the resources you need as an artist interested in creating new knots, as a student seeking to learn this rewarding art form, or one who simply wants to enjoy and appreciate the works created by others.


We have four classes of users:

  • Guest Class

Everyone is welcome at Hypknotix as a Guest without any need for registration or payment. You are automatically given Guest privileges when you arrive at our website. As a Guest, you can freely browse our entire website for resources, especially our Art Gallery which proudly displays knot art created, selected or commented upon by us and other users using the resources available at Hypknotix. You are also free to download the knots in the Art Gallary. Please note however that the artwork in the Art Gallery are subject to copyright, and should not be used publicly or commercially without written permission. Write to if you are considering commercial or public use.

  • Member Class

You are welcome to join our family by becoming a Member. All you need to become a Member is a working email address. Click on the Member Login button on the home page, and follow the instructions. Members have all the privileges of Guests, plus they can download high resolution images, they can modify the knot images using our morphing software, order prints and coffee-table books, etc. Some of these additional capabilities will be added to the website shortly.

  • Patron

If you are a member, you can become a Patron by making a payment. The Patron class enjoys maximum privileges at Hypknotix. The Patron class is not open at this time. Please look on this page in the future for more information.

  • Contributor

If you are a Member, you can be promoted by Hypknotix to Contributor. Contributors have the same privileges as Patrons without the need to make any payments. There are many ways to contribute to our website:

·       Become an early member (a kind of moral support for the website)

·       Report bugs

·       Contribute to the User Forum by asking/answering questions, leading discussions

·       Suggest links and resources that should be added to the site

·       Suggest improvements and features for the website and the software

·       And so on…

The website management will make all decision as to whether a Member should be promoted to Contributor.


 Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.